Here is an introduction to Brisbane Backyard Bees. For further information please go to my Facebook page…….

[ SWARM REMOVAL – If you are here because you have a swarm in Brisbane that you’d like to see safely retrieved and rehomed, then please call Paul on 0414333069 – ANYTIME!]

Hi, I’m Paul……

Since discovering the joys of beekeeping in my own Brisbane backyard, I’d like to encourage you to do the same.


Thank a bee! Did you know that over 30% of the food you eat requires a bee to pollinate or fertilise the flower that precedes the fruit or vegetable?


Did you also know that the honeybee is in trouble? Worldwide, a combination of loss of forage, agricultural chemicals, and long distance transportation for pollination is threatening the honeybee’s survival.

We can help out by keeping bees in a healthy Brisbane backyard where the bees have access to our plentiful all-year-round forage whilst supporting local food production for everyone.bee grevillea2603326-16x9-340x191
 My Top Bar Hives are a great piece of garden furniture and are based on an ancient design originating in Greece and used extensively in Africa.Hardwood Top Bar HiveThey are sympathetic to the bees’ lifestyle, allowing them to live almost as naturally as they would in the wild
A large observation window provides an insight into the amazing world of this super organism.
Brisbane Backyard Bees specializes in the supply of Top Bar Hives and bees, as well as mentoring and workshops for those that need a guiding hand. For more information, visit my Facebook page:
or call me on  0414 333 069
or send me an email here:

2 thoughts on “Here is an introduction to Brisbane Backyard Bees. For further information please go to my Facebook page…….

  1. Great site, Paul. When I get back from my Gap year, I’m going to get a hive. Good to see you at the picnic. Jane

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